Everything in the universe is energy. These energy charged masks not only detox and purify the skin, but are energetically charged by authentic healing crystals. Each stone emits a vibrational frequency adding benefits to your skin and aura by designating different energies that support health and wellness.

amethyst single.JPG


This stone cleanses, purifies and calms, lifts spirits and eases depression. It is also believed to encourage the detoxification process. As it cleanses negative energies it also helps the body to get rid of negative elements and toxins. Amethyst relaxes and helps heal insomnia. 

quarts single.JPG


This stone promotes and restores well being. Brings balance, dissipates blockages, promotes energy flow and clears negative energy. Quartz amplifies the energy of other stones. Quartz will balance and restore.

citrine single.JPG


This stone resonates with the energies of the sun. Citrine promotes strength and willpower. Like sunshine, it will contribute to brightening the skin. A stone of vitality that generates a zest of life. It also helps increase circulation. Use Citrine in the start of your day with the energy of happiness, strength and success.